About LedsProtect

The road to a effective way to signal and determinate insect plagues

After selling his nursery Peter Kerkhof started as a senior adviser for PUM (NGO). He worked in nurseries in Morocco, Tunesia, Bosnia, Moldova, Eritrea and Colombia. During his work as an counselor he was confronted with a heavy contamination by Opogona saccharii. On the advice of an other adviser they did a treatment with nematodes without much result. Also the usual insecticides for caterpillars had little result. The larvae eat themselves into the inside of the plant and cannot be reached. From Frans Grieping of Pherobank he received pheromone tramps and the pheromones for Opogona. The pheromone trap with a water basin gave him the idea to replace the pheromone with a UV-lamp.
In 2011 he started testing UV-water traps. In the field there was no electricity and therefore 3W power leds were used. During the proces of developing the trap Peter met electrotechnical engeneer Ad van den Wildenberg. Together they developed the LedsProtect trap.
In the summer of 2015 Peter and his son took the plane to Morocco to present the trap. The first night in one trap they counted 170 Opogona saccharii. The trap had proven its use.
In the following years numbers of tests have been done in several Dutch greenhouses to treat pests of Duponchelia, Sciara, Tuta and tomato looper. There also Ledsprotect has proven to be a very useful instument. Simple but effective.