About LedsProtect

The road to a effective way to signal and determinate insect plagues

Peter Kerkhof owned a nursery for many years. Besides he did a lot of advisory jobs in countries like Bosnia, Eritrea, Morocco and Tunisia. As an adviser he worked in a nursery for Mediterranean ornamental plants where there was a big problem with Opogona saccharii. This little insect, known as banana moth, caused a major damage in the nursery. Following the advise of a specialist they had done a treatment with entomopathogenic nematodes, but with little effect. In cooperation with Wageningen University Peter went into the problem and got the opportunity to test the newly developed pheromone. The use of pheromone traps reduced the problem but did not solve it.
In 2011 Peter started testing and developing various UV-traps. During the developing process he met electro technical engineer mr. Ad van den Wildenberg. Together they developed and tested a new type of UV-trap, in which special LEDs were used. During a field test in Morocco 2014 some 500 insects were caught per night per trap. Besides Opogona saccharii many damaging insects were caught.
After further tests and optimizing the proto type we proudly present the LedsProtect UV-Pro1.