LedsProtect UV-Pro1 Compact

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• Smaller water saucer compared to the LedsProtect UV-Pro 1
• 12V
• Comes with seperate IP44 adapter (1 meter cable, splash proof)
• Adapter suitable for 220V and 110 V
• The LedsProtect UV-Pro1 Compact can also be connected to a 12V battery or solar system
• Fitted with special UV-leds
• Made in Holland



The LedsProtect UV-Pro1 Compact takes in less place because of the smaller water saucer. This also causes less loss of sunlight for surrounding plants.
Insects are attracted by the UV-light from the insect trap. In the LedsProtect UV-Pro1 special UV-leds are used with a frequency range that is most attractive to insects. Insects fly towards the light and get caught in the water. As far as the insects are concerned the water basin looks like a “UV-bath” and is irresistible to them. All kinds of insects are attracted by the UV-leds, especially moths, beetles and mosquitos.

Compared to other UV-traps LedsProtect UV-Pro1 Compact catches considerably more and a greater diversity of insects. The LedsProtect UV-Pro1 Compact is adjusted with a light sensitive switch that switches on the lamp when it is getting dark. Especially during the night the damaging insects are active.

Additional information

Weight 2.000 kg
Dimensions 32 x 32 x 25 cm


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