The powerful and environment friendly solution to signal and determinate insect plagues

The  LedsProtect UV-Pro is placed between or just above the crop. The water saucer is filled with water. The lamp is switched on and off automatically.

Insects are attracted by the UV-light from the insect trap. 
In the LedsProtect UV-Pro special leds are used with a frequency range that is most attractive to insects. Insects fly towards the light and get caught in the water.  A few drops of detergent are added to the water. This prevents that the insects stay afloat and could escape.

The LedsProtect UV-Pro has a reach with a radius of about 10 to 15 meters. When the LedsProtect UV-Pro is used to prevent or treat pests, the traps are placed at a distance of 20 to 30 meters. The reach of the Ledsprotect UV-Pro depends mostly on the kind of insects that you want to catch. Our advice is to place 4 LedsProtect UV-Pro per acre. That is 9 per hetare.

A mirror can be placed on the bottom of the water saucer. It will enhance the functioning of the trap.

Simple maintenance

On average the water saucer is refilled once a week. The frequency depends on the temperature. At higher temperatures the water will evaporate more quickly.
In order to reduce evaporation one can pour vegetable oil on the water.
Once a month the water saucer needs to be cleaned. A normal cleaning agent can be used for that.

Limits the use of insecticides

Insecticides are expensive. Insecticides pose a threat to our health. Staff does not like to work in an environment where insecticides are used. Insects develop a resistance to insecticides. The use of insecticides is restricted by more severe regulations.

These disadvantages do not apply to the LedsProtect UV-Pro. The LedsProtect UV-Pro does its work silently and knows none of that disadvantages. Insects are caught before they start to multiply. Real big infestations of leaf rollers, leaf miners and other insects are prevented by deploying the LedsProtect UV-Pro.

Even if only you deploy  a single LedsProtect UV-Pro as a means to monitor insect infestation, the use of insecticides is limited. The LedsProtect UV-Pro tells you what insects are in your crop and allows you to do a timely treatment.

Clear insight in the type of insects that are caught

The LedsProtect UV-Pro1 is a great means for you to find out what insects are in your crop. The advantage of the LedsProtect UV-Pro1 is that the iscects keep their shape in the water saucer and can be taken out to be examined.

The LedsProtect UV-Pro is often used against: