The powerful and environment friendly solution to protect your plants against almost every insect

Discover the power of the LedsProtect UV-Pro

Powerful and easy to use

Catches almost all harmfull insects

Limits the use of insecticides

Clear insight in the type of insects that are caught

Signals and fights insects

Insects are attracted by the ultraviolet (UV) light from the insect trap. The LedsProtect’s special UV LEDs use a UV frequency range that is most attractive to insects, making them fly towards the light and get caught in the water. The water basin will also look like a “UV bath” to the insects so it is irresistible to them. The LedsProtect UV-Pro catches a great diversity of insects, including moths, beetles and mosquitos. The LedsProtect trap is adjusted with a light-sensitive switch that automatically switches on the lamp when it is getting dark. Many damaging insects are nocturnal or are active during nighttime.

How much does it cost?

• The trap lasts at least 5 years. • The energy consumption is about €7 per year. Calculated over 5 years: • LP3: €162,- Electricity: €35,- Cost per 1000m over 5 years about €200,- Cost per year €40,- per 1000m That makes €0,04 per meter per year.

Can the LedsProtect be used inside as well as outside?

The LedsProtect trap can be used inside as well as outside. The trap is often used in greenhouses to prevent and control insect pests. All traps can be placed outside.The LesProtect 1 is usually used outside. It can be connected to a battery optional in combination with a solar panel. The LedsProtect trap is extensively tested in field tests in a nursery in Morocco. There it caught some hundreds of insects per night.

How many traps do i need?

The reach of the LedsProtect trap is about 15 to 20 meters. Therefore we advice you to place 9 traps per hectare. The reach depends very much on the kind of insects that have to be caught. Some insects have a limited fight reach, others fly over much longer distances. That should be taken in consideration with the placing of the traps.

Which insects can be caught or detected?

The trap can be used on: Tuta absoluta – tomato miner Duponchelia fovealis – duponchelia moth Chrysodeixis chalcites – tomato looper or golden twin-spot moth Sciara – gnat Tipula – crane fly

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