The powerful and environment friendly solution to protect your plants against almost every insect

Discover the power of the LedsProtect UV-Pro

Powerful and easy to use

Catches almost all harmfull insects

Limits the use of insecticides

Clear insight in the type of insects that are caught

Signals and fights insects

Insects are attracted by the UV-light from the insect trap. In the LedsProtect UV-Pro special UV-leds are used with a frequency range that is most attractive to insects. Insects fly towards the light and get caught in the water. As far as the insects are concerned the water basin looks like a “UV-bath” and is irresistible to them. All kinds of insects are attracted by the UV-leds, especially moths, beetles and mosquitos.

Compared to other UV-traps LedsProtect UV-Pro catches considerably more and a greater diversity of insects. The LedsProtect UV-Pro is adjusted with a light sensitive switch that switches on the lamp when it is getting dark. Especially during the night the damaging insects are active.

Can the LedsProtect-UV-Pro be used inside as well as outside?

The LedsProtect UV-Pro1 can be used inside as well as outside.
The LedsProtect UV-Pro1 is for example often used in green houses to prevent or treat pests.
If the LedsProtect UV-pro1 is used outside it is important that no water gets to the connector. The traps have been tested extensively outside in a nursery in Morocco. There a LedsProtect UV-Pro1 caught over 500 insects in one night.

How many traps do i need?

One LedsProtect UV-Pro has a reach of about 10 to 15 meters. The reach depends mostly on the kind of insects you want to catch. Some insects only fly a few meters, others however cover a much longer distance. LedsProtect advices to place about 4 LedsProtect UV-Pro per acre, (nine per hectare). Especially pests that are difficult to control like for instance Opogona saccharii and Duponchelia fovealis can be brought under control with the LedsProtect UV-Pro1. By mounting sufficient LedsProtect UV-Pro1 one prevents insects from becoming a plague.

Which insects can be caught or detected?

The trap is often used against:
• Opogona sacchari (banana moth)
• Duponchelia Fovialis (duponcheliamoth)
Sciara analis

Take a look at the LedsProtect UV-pro2

Ledsprotect_UV-Pro kabel